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Saramonic SMARTMIC iMic Mini Flexible Condenser Microphone Rental in Trivandrum | in kerala 9847130192, 94973 77433

Saramonic iMic Microphone for iPhone and Saramonic SmartMic Flexible Microphone for Saramonic iMic Microphone for iPhone and Saramonic iMic Microphone for iPhone and
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The Saramonic iMic is designed for Apple iPhone, iPad and Android phones with a 3.5mm TRRS socket. Some smartphones can produce spectacular quality 4K video, but the built-in mics often give tinny unimpressive sound. This low-cost mic will provide an immediate improvement, without adding bulk or complexity. Small and light enough to be carried in any pocket, it's battery-free taking power from the device. It features a flexible multi-directional head, and is perfect for on-the-spot music videos, journalism and any shots where the sound is important.


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