Saturday, January 6, 2024

Projector Screen 8/6 Rental Trivandrum Kerala 9847130192, 94973 77433

Product description

Egate map type projector screen made from high gain imported matte type white fabric, which is the most versatile and uniform screen surface for front projection and has perfect diffusion for wide view angles. This material is used in all light conditions to enable wide viewable angles with perfect uniformity while giving precise definition and colour reproduction. Screen surface is washable with cold water and mild soap. 
Projector Screen 8/6 Rental Trivandrum Kerala

It is the highest selling model where in the viewing surface has two steel/wood tubes on either side. There is a handle for suspension from any hook or screw/nail. This screen has to be manually folded unfolded like a map or calendar. It comes with a plastic cover for storage.