Saturday, January 6, 2024

Rental led 320 slim Video Light Camera Camcorder Photography battery & charger At Trivandrum 9847130192, 94973 77433

  • bove shown Simpex 320 LED light contain 320 Daylight adjusted LED lights. As the LEDs are all sunshine adjusted you won’t need to stress over a distinction in skin colouration or whatever other subject.All LEDs are evenly spaced on the front of the video light and a reflective silver surface lies at the base of the lights to help further project stray and reflected light.Why two color tone ? Because with other LED light like digitek or neewer or digipro when you need warm light you put a orange filter which give you very hard orange but with this simpex 320 and simpex 216 dual color LED  light you can mix it with white light and achieve desired color tone.
    The battery compartment is at  the back of the Simpex 320 LED you can either use a lithium battery or direct AC adopter for continuos no interruption light.
    Battery indicator is also situated on the back left of the light . Just hold down the button to  TEST the LED, lights will indicate the battery life, somewhat or completely charged.
    In conclusion the Simpex LED 320 also has lockable hot shoe connector and tripod mount. You can either mount it on DSLR or on tripod and light stand.
    By and large the Simpex 320 LED video light is a decent item one of the main down size is it do not comes with remote which most of the LED lights are providing now a days.